Some PV Web Portal Screenshots


Datalogger for Production

  • Inverter and device connectivity: ip, serial rs485/rs232, bluetooth with standard and cheap accessories.
  • Protocols supported: snmp, modbus/ip, modbus/rtu, Aurora, SMANet, SMANet2, ComLynx, DLMS/Cosem
  • Inverter supported: ABB/PowerOne/Aurora, SMA, Danfoss, Fronius, Ingeteam, Santerno
  • Other tipical devices supported: Power Meters, PLC, air conditioners, network analyzers, switch boxes
  • Hardware: alix3d2 board "low power consumption"
  • Software: "4eeee inside" software, zero on-site configuration, live update with web portalicon-inside



Alarm Management

Via checklists and checkpoints managed on the web portal. A checkpoint can handle user-defined boolean expressions over datapoint values coming from different and etherogeneous devices, providing in this way a powerful engine for complex checks and alarm management.