Web Portal

All data collected from sensor nodes and control nodes can be merged with smart metering data using the same web application


Datalogger for Environment&Confort


  • Device connectivity: ip, serial rs485/rs232, bluetooth, rf433, rf868 with standard and cheap accessories.
  • Protocols supported: snmp, modbus/ip, modbus/rtu, DLMS/Cosem, rfm12, rfm69
  • Hardware: raspberry pi model b or b+ board "low power consumption"
  • Software: "4eeee inside" firmware and software, zero on-site configuration, live update with web portalicon-inside
  • RF protocol: special protocol developed in "4eeee inside" firmware to avoid hacking, two way communication with sensor nodes, crypted messages and command messages managed with a "One Time Password" method

It is possible to share the same datalogger with smart metering!


Sensor and Control Nodes

Water Metering Prototype

  • Water Level measured with a pressure sensor with scale 1cm
  • Water pressure max 10 bar
  • Water Flow  max 60L/min
  • 1 Elettrovalve max 24V
  • 1 Pump max 10A

Environment Control Node

  • Battery Powered (2x1.5V AA)
  • DHT22 sensor integrated on board
  • Max 5 external sensors for lightness and indoor air quality